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Speedcam: The world - detailed instruction

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Important: it's possible not to close the app. Just fold it. When the app feels the speed, it starts to warn about cameras itself from background. Now read the instruction bellow.

1. This is the crowdsourcing platform with for exchanging speedcam locations among drivers from all over the world. 

NOTE. The app works with any navigators. Just fold the app and open navigator. The app will still warn about camera from the background.

2. Any driver can add speedcams, which he meets, to the public database. Everyday about 50-100 cams are added by users. The app is alive. 

But there is a foolproof. It's needed that 2 different phones add a camera to the data, so it be accepted by public server. If you added a camera, your phone sees it. But another drivers do not. When another driver adds exact this point to his phone, this point appears on all user's phones. Thus it protects against the emergence of accidental or erroneous points.

Second protection from inaccurate press is that the server of the app analyzes added points and if they are close to each other (within 150 m), server understands, that this is one point and chooses the middle between them and accept this middle as a camera. 

3. As far as cam's points are just digits, the app can accommodate billions of cameras and will not be a lot of weight at the same time. 

The speedcams points are kept in the phone as GPS coordinates. 

The phone knows where the user is placed via GPS. 
Phone knows a vector of moving. 
And knows coordinates of speedcams. 
So the app compares these data and understands when to warn about cameras (according to settings). 

When user adds new speedcams and uploads them to server (by clicking upload button), all the users get these new points. 

So if you live in Brazil and travel to Germany, you already have all speedcams, which Germans have added, in this app. If you live in Germany, you have all Brazilian speedcams already too. And every user from every single country already has all world's speedcams in his phone and 50-100 new everyday. Just don't forget to upload points and invite friends to fill in map of cams of your area quicker. 

4. As far as any driver from any country can add cams, you don't need to install maps of certain countries separately: all 3 mln points are already in the phone.

5. Second great advantage of the app is that you don't need internet to use it. Just press "Upload data" button (in the menu) to download new points from other users and upload your points once a month and that's enough. Other similar apps need that user have internet to warn about cams, but "Speedcam: the World" needs just GPS.

NOTE: there can be a server fall from time to time. So if server connection was unsuccessful, just upload data the next day. As far as the app doesn't need Internet and all spedcams are already in your phone, you can download new points, and upload yours the next day.

6. Once you opened the app, you see a gray circle. Press on it to activate GPS. 

NOTE: If you are not outside, the app can not connect to sattelites. 

NOTE: The app doesn't find cameras if the user doesn't move. The app is activated only if you move quicker then 5 kmph (3 mph).

Press on it to activate GPS. 

The sign'll turn green. Now the phone searches for sattelites.

When the phone connects to GPS, the sign GPS be replaced with green circle with PLUS button. 

This PLUS means, that: 

1. You have activated GPS. 

2. The phone found sattelites. 

3. You move faster then 5 kmph (3 mph). 

If one of these conditions are not met, the application doesn't start to detect radars. 

7. So you clicked on the cirlce and activated GPS and started to drive. Now the app can detect cameras and warns about it. You see green plus on the screen. 

What plus means? It means, that you can add new cameras when you pass by them, clicking at plus. 
If the map of radars is not filled in your area enough, you can locate speedcams and add them to the data yourself. When you see camera oncoming to you, just click the plus.

8. When the phone detects camera, the green plus on the screen is replaced with yellow cross. 

This cross means there's oncoming camera. 

If you know, there's no any camera, cllick on this cross and the camera will be deleted.


- gray circle with gray sign GPS when you open the app. 

- gray circle with green sign GPS when you clicked on previous circle: the phone looks for sattelites. 

- when your phone connects to GPS and you move quicker then 5 kmph (3 mph), the green circle with plus on it appears. You can click on this plus to add new cameras when you pass by them. 

- when your phone detects camera, the green cirlce with plus is replaced with yellow circle with cross (also phone warns with preset sound). You can click on this yellow cross to delete camera, if you know this camera doesn't exist. Don't click on it, if camera exists. After you pass by this camera, the yellow circle is replaced with green - like standby mode.

9. So, through plus and cross you can add and delete cameras.

- Go to settings to choose the distance of warning and sounds of warning. Now app warns you about cameras which are placed in its database. 

- If the app doesn't detect speedcams in your area, there are no enough users of the app in your area, and they didn't fill the map of cameras. Share the link to the app with your friends, and you'll fill in data of speedcams of your area together within 2 weeks.

10. When app detects cameras, it warns you with preset sound at preset distance.

11. If you know that there's speedcam at the certain place, or noted speedcam yourself just now, and the app doesn't warn about it, that means the camera doesn't exist in the database. Just click on the plus on the screen, and the camera will be added. Since you've added camera, the app will warn all users about that camera.

Important: you can add only cameras which fix your direction, not an opposite direction.

12. Settings. 

Don't forget to go to settings and set all features. 

- miles or km. 

- at what distance to warn. 

- with which sound to warn. 

- on what speed to warn. 

- and another features.

Also don't forget to update points from time to time. 


- add google maps. 

- change design. 

- add warning with vibration and glowing of the screen. 

- forbid the screen to switch off when the app is active. 

and so on - about 40 ideas on upgrade. 


Q: Name the list of countries in your data.
Answer: It is difficult, and it makes no sense to call a list of countries. For instance one country can have only one point in only one city. But tomorrow it will be 10 points in that city. A day after - 100. The information is changing every hour. In April, the points were consecutively in more than 40 countries. On one side is only the Japan, Australia, Canada. But in May, these countries can get into the database.

Q: Is there in your database information about portable radars?
A: We have plans to build a foundation for an ambush. But at the moment there is only static radars that was added by users.

Q: How do I register?
Answer: There is no registration. Download the application and use.

Q: I can not enter. I have something buggy. The application can not catch the satellite.
Answer: Of course, the application may have bugs. Please send your phone name, firmware version on our email address. It may also be a problem in the phone while connecting to satellites. Check if there is a connection from other programs.

Question: When I run the application I see only a circle on the screen that says GPS. Minimize, maximize, is still that circle.
Answer: To appear on the screen plus sign for adding a radar, it is necessary, first, to move in open terrain, and, secondly, that the phone has caught the satellite signal.

Comment on Google.Play: good program, but a pity that there is no camera in St. Petersburg. Remove.
Answer: Thank you for rating. St Petersburg and the region is currently marked 36 cameras. And their number is growing.

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