воскресенье, 25 октября 2015 г.

The Sphere. Realistic hologram of beach or Mars in your room

We want to tell you about new stunning concept - a device to recreate a realistic hologram and sounds of enviroment.
A revolutionary product in the world of augmented reality.
With the "Sphere" creating holograms is easy task. One small device in the form of a ball in the center of the room and 4 laser compact units on the perimeter create the projection of environment / landscape with the accompanying sounds of the environment.
By default, the preset program is "The Beach". This program will turn your room into a realistic beach. The projection displays the sand, the sea, the horizon  on the walls, and around the globe, "grows" hologram of palm trees! At the same time, the speaker with the effect of "surround sound" will broadcast the sound of the sea, wind, surf, seagulls.
Separately, you can buy a program such as "Space", "Forest", "City", "The Moon", "Mars" and others. And you will turn your room into a Martian landscape!

SALES are expected after 5 months. Leave a preliminary order right now because the queue for "Sphere" takes already two months. Email for questions or preorders: mail@madscale.com

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