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Robot Suitcase Tony

Imagine that you no longer need to carry heavy suitcases. Wherever you go: on a journey or a business trip: this robot will follow you with all your stuff.
The application in the user's phone lets to direct the robot via Bluetooth. If the distance is changed in a big way, the telephone and the robot itself will enable an alarm. The robot is equipped with a gyroscope, photo sensors, ultrasonic and infrared sensors to avoid obstacles, and to take into account when moving ramp without falling from a height, and be safe for others.
Battery lasts for 2 hours (charger built into the bottom of the Tony). Tony, the Robot is Shock-proof and waterproof. The case features a padded bumper, parking lights, turned on by the user. Possible transported weight is 30 kg.
- 2 hours on one charge of movement
- Built-in battery with a retractable cable for charging, a plug adapter and a transformer formats outlets for over 100 countries
- Waterproof, shockproof
- Ultrasound, infrared navigation technology to avoid obstacles and see people (sensors are around the entire circumference).
- Photosensors, not allowing to fall from a height (sensors are around the entire circumference).
- Overall beacons, LED Backlight - dipped.
- Soft anti traumatic lower bumper.
- Gyroscope, which allows to determine the level of the surface slope and coordinate the movement speed on an inclined plane.
- 3 wheels: 2 leading third - shunting.
- Designed for the weight to 30 kg.
- Lighthouse program to your phone via Bluetooth + it is remote d / y, giving Direction Tony?
- Visual and audible alarm (signaling both the robot and the app on the phone), if the robot stuck for technical reasons, or for example, if someone tries to steal it.
- Plastic or plastic / leather.

Tony is your robot companion, an indispensable in traveling!

Price: $2000.
Developing by MadScale. Available in 12 months. Write here for pre-orders.

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