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Speedcam: donations for development



App "Speedcam: the world (speed radar)" was and will remain free, and contains no advertising. And we continue to develop this project. But for great development, we need support. 
First of all, we need resources to create a professional server. The existing, free, fell because of a large amount of users.
Second, we need to create a version for iOS.
Thirdly, it is necessary to implement suggestions of users and to make an upgrades.
We have to do translations into other languages. Because, the more users, the more actual is data of Radars. Then a resident of Italy, could go to Finland and use the same application. Because we will do the translation for the Finns, and they will more active to use the application, and more radars will mark. Kenyans will be able to travel to Chile, and to use the same application. Is needed to moderate the radar map, improve algorithms. It is necessary to do an update with new options, of which users write us. For example, option of auto-update the database, widget for quick start, and so on. We need to test the program on hundreds of Android devices, to minimize the number of errors. We must create versions for other operating systems (iOS, windows mobile). Because, the more users, the more relevant map of Radars. Each user is beneficial if the total number of users grows.
Today, the number of downloads exceeded 600000, and the database must be constantly maintained in working order.
If you have the desire and the ability to accelerate the development of the project, you can support the project by purchasing a virtual coin as an empty application (with "thank you" inside). There are 4 virtual coins: bronze ($ 1), silver ($ 3), gold ($ 10) and osmium ($ 50). 
If you desire, but have no possibility, at least now you know that osmium is better than gold.
Click to coin to go to the donation app.

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