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Robot-poet iDaPushkin (айДаПушкин) - some tech features

Basic information on the robot is here: click here (по ссылке доступен текст на русском)

Animatronic comes up with a rhyme for your poems in 16 languages ​​and reads it aloud. Just hail a robot, it will open eyes, then say the word for which you want to find a rhyme and iDaPushkin will pick up and say out loud all the rhymes that could be found in the database.

1. Material of the face - silicone.
2. Artificial hair is the same as that used in wigs. Hairs are manually implanted in the head and face after molding the head.
3. Movements of the head:
Right and left - 45 degrees (more than Elvis Alive).
Up and down - 15 degrees.
4. Jaws - dehiscence 35 degrees.
5. Eyelids - 50 degrees.

Robot has also a memory card, 6 Gb, where the user can record his own poems by his voice.
Blink occur in a random interval. Movements of the head, jaws are synchronized with the speech.

The first demo is awaited in the late November.

The technology is based on the Android app Rimes Robo 16 and co-developed by GlobalApps R / MadScale.com.
You can download this app into your phone right now.

Video. The poem of Pushkin through our app

Video. Voice features of our app: 

This robot is the own project of MadScale.com.
Questions: mail@madscale.com

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