вторник, 1 октября 2013 г.

A public call & suggestions on iOS improvements

Dear, Apple.

Integration of mindless own standard of SIM card and own charging socket did not complicate the lives of users enough, on what it was explicitly counted.

I want to propose new, wider, outstanding improvements:

1. To shuffle the Qwerty keyboard and to call it iBoard.

2. Actually, why not to invent your own characters, calling it iLanguage?

3. To invent own GSM and LTE standart, so the other phones could not work in it, and the iPhone, respectively, could not work in the regular standards.

4. To allow free synchronization with iTunes not more than once a year (and only the leap year).

5. Force to rename in the AppStore: Twitter to Facebook, Facebook to Facepalm, Facetime to Instagram, Instagram to Cantafack. If authors of these services don't like it, let them go to hell. You are the Apple, and who they are?

6. Lets the auto-corrector, making the selection of antonyms instead of what it does now. Anyway it offers some crap constantly.

7. Shutdown all the services for one hour in the afternoon (Pacific Time), calling it iSiesta. Shutdown all the services from midnight to 5 am (iSleepbitches). Also Pacific. We are not going to be bothered with the time zone in which live barbarians peasants people.
It's already implemented for developers (more or less about 3 days of constantly surprising prophylaxis).

8. I suggest to integrate the Roman numerals in the dialer. And why to limit this integration on dialer. Everywhere to implement convenient Roman numerals .

9. App developers and buyers have to sign a contract with blood.

10. Since it is known that the human eye sees everything upside down, but the brain turns the image, I propose to flip the image on the screen, so that the brain is not bothered doing inversion.

11. There is not still exists the option to "select all" in the default mail client and photogallery. Also, today we can't send more, than 5 photos to email in a row. Lets throw away the others known useless options. Who needs, say, sending pics to whoever? My iPhone rather often can not find SIM card (as far as it's cut, I can't replace it to a substitute phone). And i think it's a divine miracle: how iPhone turns into iPod. We must to figure out how to turn an iPad into iPod, or, at least into iPhone. There are a lot of interesting features and extra options, which are embodied in a regular phones, but are totally useless. Dialer, messager, multitasking and so on.

12. Hackers often break and steal the users data (unlike Google.Play). So, we must to implement 3 questions, answers to which must be not shorter, than 1000 characters and consist of a digits and the Latin, Arabic, Chinese and Greek letters. And not to allow the users to download an apps or to make an upgrade without entering this pass.

13. It's known, that the Apple secretely makes photos of users and keeps all iMessages and requests to Siri in a special database. I think, you also shall to record users sound, to make unauthorized videos and to collect the other possible unsanctioned information on user.

14. Design of the new iOS causes headaches motion sickness and eyes bleeding after a day of usage. Why it still doesn't induce diabetes and jaundice?

15. The inscription on a price-list promises, that iPhone has 16, 32 etc Gb of capacity. But indeed it is less on about two Gb. Why we are lying so humbly? Let's declare twice more memory, than it is indeed. Why only twice more, lets ascribe "100 billion Gb" on all the models?

16. Deactivation of wifi randomly doesn't actually help to switch off wifi (I understand, you were hurry to release in the autumn) in the new iOS. So I need to switch on the airplane mode in order to switch off wifi. That's great idea - to shuffle all the functions. I think we can embody the same in activation of bluetooth, 3G.

17. When I need to activate an access point through my iPhone, the phone randomly requires to activate bluetooth and wifi (not always). Great idea! I think, that activation of access point shell emply the activation of camera, flash strobe and Facebook. Just in case.

18. When I connect to the internet through the access point in my the other phone, my iPhone requires to deactivate/activate wifi every 5 minutes otherwise it looses the connection. Great idea too! User must not to get lost in the web. He has the other duties! We must improve it and implement automatic disconnection in every 1 minute.

That's all for a while. But we are going to figure out a new ideas for the next outstanding  iOS.

Sincerely, Counselor on improvements

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