четверг, 9 августа 2012 г.

Situation comedy. Jokes and sketches (English).

"Cauliflower looks like brains. I wonder whether it is possible to palm off it instead of a brains when Zombie Apocalypse starts?"
All jokes, running in Twitter are the same. And you know it. All comic blogs publish the same old jokes through special programs. Almost all humorous blogs are totally impersonal.
We offer you a fresh, author's jokes and sketches, which create group of real people and optimists in a real time for pleasure. These jokes are never duplicated and exist in a single copy. If you like this collection, you can read it daily.
If you like it, you can read every day online and consistently improve your mood: https://twitter.com/apps_r
In English.

A few samples:

Male's anger is like alarm LED "windshield washer has no water". Lady exactly gets what it means, doesnt pay attention and continues driving

To hollow out one sign on the tombstone costs $180. It turns out profitable to die being Korean named Kim, than being German named Zimmerman

What is the point to wash hands in the toilet in a foodservice, if to get out of the toilet, it is necessary to touch the dirty door handle?

Squash Coach asks:
- Do you feel the ball?
- Once I slapped hard my tennis partner by tennis ball.

Someone presented me 2 silly books. But books turned 2 be very useful! I snuggled by it my disorderly plug socket. Now fan operates reliably

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