суббота, 25 августа 2012 г.

Discovering our app: Rimes Multi

The application generates a rime in 15 languages. But it can be used not only for writing poetry, as well as for translating poems.We tried to make it and give you an example. Copy your poem in Google translator. Choose the language in which to do the translation. In translation, of course, the words will not rhyme. You enter a word (which end in a line) in our program. See variants of rhyme. And most likely one of the variants will be such that fits the meaning.

For example.

The coming spring is not for her
The season opens not for him
Waves not for us are raging. Or
Is not for them the seaview theme

(translation free, created in 10 minutes)

La primavera no es para ella
La temporada no se para él
No para nosotros la brilla estrella
No es para ellos complejo hotel

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