четверг, 30 января 2014 г.

We love Google back again

Yesterday we've got warning from the Google, that description of our app "Holliday book" (link) violates Google Spam policy. And that the app will be removed in 7 days.
I reread the description tens times and couldnt understand the reason of warning.
So, I wrote to Google, not expecting, that they'd reply at all. I cursed them in advance. I wrote, that the problem must be in an inapropriate complaint of some anonymus ill-wisher.

But you know what. They replied the next day. They reread the description too and admitted, that it fits all the Google terms. And that all claims are withdrawn. If it was Apple, they'd just block the app without any discusion.

Here you are our correspondence.

To Google:
Our app has not been yet removed, but we've got warning 
about removal ("Do not use irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in 
apps descriptions, titles, or metadata."). 
I've reread the description tens times, but there are no any irrelevant, 
misleading, or excessive keywords in it. There are no keywords at all. 
There's a link to the instruction. Google terms permit it. We can delete 
it, if necessary. 
So, explain, please, what exactly violates the terms. I can cut the 
description to minimum. But I dont understand the reason of warning, and 
what exactly to cut. There is only description on functioning and apology 
to Arabic and Chinese users about possible errors in translation. That's 
all. This application was published more than a year, and none of the users 
have ever complained. And average rate of the lite-version is 3.97 points. 
I believe you have been misled by some ill-wisher. 
Regards, GR

Reply from Google:
Thank you for your note.
We've reviewed your description and it appears to be compliant with our keyword spam policy.  
If we can assist you further, please let us know.
The Google Play Team

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