воскресенье, 22 декабря 2013 г.

Apple hates their users and their work

The Apple acts like a bunch of ignoring morons, hating their users and their work. Again. They closed iTunes Connect since today, 22-Dec, untill 28-Dec!!! How could it be possible to close online service, which is used by millions of people for SIX days??? ONLINE! That's not like watchman sits at the entrance. It's in the Internet! All adequate online services works 24/7!
Can you even imagine, that Amazon or any other online shop could be CLOSED? How it ever can be possible? Do they close it, while having a break for lunch?
And only Apple online-service can be closed for 6 days in the entire world. Xmas? Ok, But it takes only one day. Ok, two. But SIX? Geez.

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