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Comments about Sleeping Pills App from different countries

27 862 users have downloaded this app for a half of a year.

Application store for Google Android is designed so that users can read comments only in their language. So you can see a lot of ratings, but no comments. Just because no comments from your country was left.

We want to let you to read the comments about the application Sleeping Pills from different countries:
(Link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sleepinglite)

Really good. Works. I fall asleep at all bad. But here - like a baby

5 + Super prog! I used to fall asleep for 2-3 hours, and now 5 minutes and I passed out! This is, though not the full version, but still effective!

Didn't believe, but it really works!!!

The real action. Haaha! And helped me, really works! :-) It's like a TV set to pass out)))

Here is the thing! I thought that does not help. Turned on, sat for two minutes, I thought what's the crap? And turned off and in a minute I felt asleep)))

Good)) Download

Super! I do not believe it, but I fall asleep! Thank you for such an application!

Hypnotic program really works. Have experienced.

super cool effect

Best Thought nonsense! As far it doesn't take a lot of memory, I installed. Immediately opened, check! 20 seconds. Watched, then turned off the breathing and realized that dying to sleep, can you imagine! This is hypnotic, and no harm to the body! HUGE THANK YOU!)))

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