пятница, 7 июня 2013 г.

Investor is wanted

Projects of crowdsourcing online international games GeoWar and Folk Tales are too ambitious for us at this time. Therefore we are looking for investors (for games).

This might be an international brand, because both games will be available in 140 countries.
Name of the investor will be placed in the promo videos, and in the intro of the games itself. Hundreds of thousands of users every day will see this name. For now unpopular pop-up ads in our applications (where it is placed) views 5000 people daily.

GeoWar game combines a mobile phone and a very active sport. It is therefore desirable that the brand was a sports or related to clothing (draft video).

The game Folk Tales related to culture, art, folk art, education, and development. So that it can be educational, publishing, innovative brand, or worldwide internet resource. For example, now we are in negotiations with a Korean company which produces robots.

This may be a car manufacturer or producer of household appliances. This may be an international manufacturer of sports goods, food or beverages or clothes. But it can not be compromising Internet resources, such as erotic or questionable financial networks or any type of cult.

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