четверг, 6 сентября 2012 г.

Why had 4 people put 1 star to the app Rimes Multi lite?

Clear example: how a rating of application is being formed.
So, the Russian Maxim - for that the application does not rime in Russian (although it is stated in the description). Swede Johan - for the fact that there is no Swedish rime (again it is stated in the description). German Mavdi - for what he did not realize that he must be connected to the Internet (and again it is stated). And English-speaking citizen - for small choice of rimes for the word "life".

Are there bugs? No. The application works incorrectly? And it is not true. The application is a virus? No! What is wrong with it? The fact that there is no Russian, Swedish, and require an Internet connection. Voila.

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